” You have to choose to come out of the darkness “

Flying into the light
In becoming a true ” Butterfly ” you have to choose to come out of the darkness that we sometimes cast ourselves into.We go into dark places at different points in our lives.So of those dark journeys we take we deem as fun… adventurous…once in a lifetime encounters.However we can become ensnared in those dark situations. Not knowing how to liberate ourselves.Most times we give into the darkness that has become a cocoon of despair…depression…isolation . Any cocoon that we find ourselves in we must fight with everything we have to free ourselves. To fight to come into the light! We solely have the power to live in the light or drown in the darkness of life. It’s easier to stay where no effort is needed to change. change can be quite difficult. You as a ” Butterfly” have to decide which journey is more important.Whether you soar through the air into the light is solely your choice.


About queen4evr125

I'm a woman on a journey called life ! No apologies for the past journeys that I have been on.Good or bad they make me the woman that I am...The woman that I choose to be ! Life is to damn short to try to be who someone thinks that I should be. I can only be me ! I'm not looking for approval on my life's choices....that's why they are called choices. Mine run the gambit of what is politically correct ,as well as what some may feel is not correct on any level. Oh well! It is what it is ! I am growing a little bit everyday on so many levels.I just want to shine .Allowing others to feel the warmth of my glow .I am a brilliant....wonderfully made butterfly that loves to spread her wings hoping to connect with other butterflies.Unlike most butterflies you can touch my wings and it will not impeded my journey at all . I am stronger than most because of past journeys.I'm just a butterfly trying to share the light and dark sides of being a butterfly on this journey that we call life !
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