“Cutting the Rope of Our Self Imposed Albatrosses”

Most days we tend to be our own worst enemies. How funny it is to me that most will accept a criticism …unkind word… judgments easily. Yet it takes an act of congress to to believe the kindest words that are showered upon us. In becoming a true ” Butterfly” one must learn to cut the ropes of any types of bondage that we hold onto with a death like grip! Sure it’s easy to focus on all the flaws and shortcomings that we are cursed with because we are human. Why would you want to solely focus on the negative ? Being “Human” means a certain bliss. The bliss of discovering true enlightenment, growth,empowerment,and freedom on so many levels.You must aspire to become the best “you” . Not someone else’s best…But the best you that you have set the standard of . what does it truly matter if someone else does not approve of your lifestyle choices. Last that I checked unless you have multiply personalities there is only one reflection starring back at you in the looking glass . One person that when it’s all said and done opinion has any true value in the scheme of things. A ” Butterfly’s ” imperfections gives it strength…grace… tenacity.If you give your power to others they will gladly snatch it from your hands.Leaving you battered..self loathing… disgusted with yourself . ” Misery” loves what?…If you believe anything to the contrary then you are in the greatest mindset of denile that the universe holds.You have to fight like hell to stay unencumbered from life’s snares. You never again have to be your own road block ! If someone can not enrich your existence…give you knowledge…encourage….motivate you in a positive way. Cut them loose !You alone have the power to succeed or fail ….You and you alone !

Cutting those ropes !


About queen4evr125

I'm a woman on a journey called life ! No apologies for the past journeys that I have been on.Good or bad they make me the woman that I am...The woman that I choose to be ! Life is to damn short to try to be who someone thinks that I should be. I can only be me ! I'm not looking for approval on my life's choices....that's why they are called choices. Mine run the gambit of what is politically correct ,as well as what some may feel is not correct on any level. Oh well! It is what it is ! I am growing a little bit everyday on so many levels.I just want to shine .Allowing others to feel the warmth of my glow .I am a brilliant....wonderfully made butterfly that loves to spread her wings hoping to connect with other butterflies.Unlike most butterflies you can touch my wings and it will not impeded my journey at all . I am stronger than most because of past journeys.I'm just a butterfly trying to share the light and dark sides of being a butterfly on this journey that we call life !
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