“Becoming A Better Butterfly”

We all are “Butterflies” on one level or another.Some have been equipped with strong wings that can withstand life’s storms that at times rage out of control. Bringing with it the boisterous thunder that somehow invades our solitude…the quiet places that we keep hidden from judgmental eyes and opinions of the “Perfect” ones. Those “Butterflies” are armored with the shields of astuteness, as well as perspective.They know that regardless of storms, or other so-called obstacles .They decide what paths define their journeys.However you have the fragile “Butterflies” that have been tossed ,trampled on so much that their wings need healing. They are faced with self hatred . They refuse to fly. They isolated themselves quivering as the storms of life engulf them effortlessly. Always feeling as if they are all alone in the abyss that somehow has become their lives.These ” Butterflies have forgotten what exhilaration one experiences as they soar through the sun’s warmth and radiant light . They have forgotten that it does not rain forever. ( The sun always eventually comes back out! ) My hopes are to use this media to share wisdom…humor…tears…honesty (Even if it’s not always politically correct)…perspective. I want to present journeys that perhaps may make you reevaluate how you approach different situations.Perhaps change how you approach, as well as treat other “Butterflies”. I am not looking for approval or adoration on any level . In presenting the dark side  as well as the more brighter sides of different journeys that I have encountered . Perhaps I can provide something positive to the universe in which I currently reside. No two “Butterflies” travel the exact same paths ,or serve the same higher power . That’s fine…it’s as it should be. We all have something to contribute to this journey that we call “life”. This is one of my contributions.


About queen4evr125

I'm a woman on a journey called life ! No apologies for the past journeys that I have been on.Good or bad they make me the woman that I am...The woman that I choose to be ! Life is to damn short to try to be who someone thinks that I should be. I can only be me ! I'm not looking for approval on my life's choices....that's why they are called choices. Mine run the gambit of what is politically correct ,as well as what some may feel is not correct on any level. Oh well! It is what it is ! I am growing a little bit everyday on so many levels.I just want to shine .Allowing others to feel the warmth of my glow .I am a brilliant....wonderfully made butterfly that loves to spread her wings hoping to connect with other butterflies.Unlike most butterflies you can touch my wings and it will not impeded my journey at all . I am stronger than most because of past journeys.I'm just a butterfly trying to share the light and dark sides of being a butterfly on this journey that we call life !
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